High Conflict Diversion Program Booklet “When Co-Parenting Doesn’t Work.”

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In this book, you will learn:

  1. Understand what you are dealing with in the court, and recognize chronic irrational and bizarre behavior in the other parent.
  2. Ways to distance yourself from the other parent and disengage from the habits that keep you stuck in the conflict.
  3. How to understand that the other parent can only come into your life if you allow it.
  4. How to communicate with the other parent without having to ever have a conversation or argument.
  5. Ways to set boundaries so the other parent gets their nose out of your life.
  6. The court system, so you aren’t in fear of what the court might or might not do.
  7. Strategies to help you take control over your life.

Free High Conflict Diversion Program Booklet “When Co-Parenting Doesn’t Work.”


The High Conflict Diversion Program Booklet was created to support parents in a high conflict divorce or custody disputes to begin to understand what they are experiencing is not unique and that there are ways to change the belief that there is only the approach of Parallel Parenting is in FACT a form of Co-Parenting.  

This knowledge will be extremely helpful in finding innovative ways to begin manage the high conflict dynamic in which you find yourself differently and in preventing the unnecessary expense of fighting a situation in court that few experts understand, let alone a parent who is faced with the reality of being caught in the tsunami of high conflict divorce or a custody fight.


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